You often have less than one second to make a shopper stop and notice your brand. Store shelves can be incredibly crowded and surrounded by a barrage of distractions, displays, and noise. The best package design dresses your product for success and helps you own your real estate in the retail world.


As attention spans are stretched by overdoses of information, a clear, consistent digital voice becomes essential. We will help you build and maintain that successful experience for your brand online.


Smart design is an integral component of any successful marketing strategy. The smallest details matter in a big way. We believe design is not decoration but strategic thinking that communicates. Creative that sells.


Your brand is not a logo. It’s what your company or product stands for, what sets it apart, how customers feel about it—its personality, viability, and value. The best brands engender a real emotional bond that creates loyalty and ideally, evangelism. We can help you create and maintain a successful brand voice through consistent strategy, storytelling, and design.

3 key reasons Gravity would be a great creative partner

  1. We have deep experience in branding. Gravity is a small agency with a pretty long reach. We’ve helped create brand voices as well as conducted numerous brand audits for companies that maybe lost their mojo along the way–and helped bring back into alignment– as we like to say, getting the brand back together.
  2. We play well with others. At Gravity, it’s never about ego. It’s about the product and the brand. We have a lot of experience working with in-house creative teams or other partners and vendors to get the best outcomes. Pete Carroll tells the Seahawks, “It’s all about the ball.” We feel exactly the same way about your brand.
  3. We don’t decorate, we design. The inherent difference is in the strategy. What do clothing stores do in their dressing rooms to help push the purchase? How can social media marketing work more effectively for Business-to-Business? Why do the most successful products marketed to preschoolers use branded characters? The thing that drives people to make the decisions they make also fuel our creative.