Typographic Art: a quick how-to by Huy

For years I have experimented with typography and distorting it in ways to fit my sensibility and preference. It started out with simple handwritten type, then calligraphy, then fully formed [...]

Don’t think. Just draw.

This past year, I started realizing how little personal art I’ve done. It wasn’t due to a lack of effort, but more a lack of patience and commitment (okay, and some lack of effort too). I tend to [...]

Inkspiration Part 1: tech tattoos

Sailors do it. Musicians do it. And now even geeks and grandmas do it. These days tattoos are almost ho hum, almost de riguer. But still of intense interest to designers and other fans of visual [...]

Whether you’re jacked up on java or jack frosted on iced tea, your travel mug should be decked for the holidays with Caffeine Couture. So those merry elves at Gravity have created 4 original [...]