At Gravity we’re  slooooowly starting the process of doing a major update to our own website. We love our current site and we get so many compliments on it that sometimes it’s hard to think of changing it, but the reality is times are a’changing and sites based in Flash (like ours) are becoming something of the past.

Just as we’re contemplating the use of Flash in our own site, the tech world as a whole is also in a huge debate over the role of Flash. Apple has made a strong stand against using Flash on the iPhone and iPad, and Adobe is trying its best to fight back.

Here are a few articles I’ve been reading that will help you get up-to-date on the current debate:

Thoughts on Flash by Steve Jobs

We Heart Choice (Apple’s response to Steve Jobs)

Adobe, You Brought An Advertisement To A Gun Fight

Flash, iPad, Standards

Why It’s Not A War, And Why Flash Won’t Die

-Brijean Brennan

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