Hoist to the Chief

Gravity Celebrates the Presidents of These United States We love our George Washingtons and Abraham Lincolns as much as the next person. But when it comes to Presidents Day at Gravity, we proudly [...]

Gravitrends Report for May 9, 2013

This week we’re starting a fascinating study of trend reporting and trend spotting and just generally talking about trends because well, frankly we’re obsessed with how things and people become [...]

Battle for the Internet: HTML vs. Flash

At Gravity we’re  slooooowly starting the process of doing a major update to our own website. We love our current site and we get so many compliments on it that sometimes it’s hard to [...]

Refreshing Gravity

As we face a new quarter and a recovering economy, we at Gravity Design decided it was the opportune time to rebrand. We wanted to reflect our colorful style, bold approach, and modern thinking. [...]

Swag is a Battlefield

A recent Harvard Business Review article by Alexandra Samuel titled “The Science of Swag” started me thinking about promotional items and what our clients should really consider before producing [...]

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